The residential homes and commercial businesses throughout Brooklyn have a trusted resource when it comes to contracting services in Bay Ridge Painting. Being completely licensed and insured to operate a contracting company since 2004, we have diligently and passionately become a reputable business. Our specialists are top in their fields, with advanced training, years of experience, and the natural talents to transform and create with a wide range of painting related services. With the use of high-end products, tools, equipment, and supplies, we ensure premium results. Along with superior execution on all services rendered, we apply high moral standards, extraordinary work ethics, and friendly customer service to make your overall experience with Bay Ridge Painting an impressive one.


Bathroom Repairs & Makeovers

Bathrooms are especially susceptible to wear and tear over the years. With humid conditions, a high chance of water damage, and just simply becoming outdated; chances are your bathrooms could use some work. Bay Ridge Painting can help bring your bathroom back to life in your Brooklyn home.

Drywall Patch Repair & Water Damage Restoration

Water damage, including excessive long term humidity damage can cause drywall damage, if the drywall is covered in paint, tile or other materials, the drywall is the foundation and if the drywall is inflicted with water damage, it could deteriorate extremely fast, and even harbor mold. For starters, Bay Ridge Painting professionals will first remove any destroyed drywall and replace with a strong and durable sheet. After which, depending on your desires, we will then cover your replaced drywall in the appropriate paint, tile, or other materials.


Bathroom Interior Painting with Satin & Semi Glass Paints

When it comes to wanting to make a big change on a small budget, the smallest additions can translate any bathrooms, even without all the bells and whistles. For example, Bay Ridge Painting can completely repaint your bathroom in to the newest trends. Satin and Semi Paint Gloss Paints are ideal for painting bathrooms as they are more resistant to the damp conditions. Trending bathrooms are being done with more wood look, whether you prefer the faux wood or utilizing wainscoting, wooden application can convert your plain bathroom into a rustic and charming sanctuary. Cool hues like blues and emerald greens paired with whites and grays, can bring neutral and colors together for a rejuvenating experience.


Bathroom Crown Molding & Baseboards

After a bathroom has been completed in Brooklyn residential bathrooms, there is often a missing element homeowners can’t quite put their finger on. Crown molding is an excellent accessory to giving the bathroom a finishing touch. Elegantly smoothing out the seam from the ceiling to the wall or enhancing the cupboards will make any bathroom complete. With various designs, colors, and applications, the crown molding can be a unique approach to finishing your bathroom.


Wood Bathroom Cabinets Refinishing, Paints & Stains

Bay Ridge Painting experts offers cabinet refinishing services to the residential homeowners of Brooklyn. The bathroom’s cabinets, drawers, medicine cabinets, and cupboards are sanded down and refinished to accentuate the bathroom’s style. With your choice of paint or stain a simple refinish service could be all it takes to make your bathroom pop.


Bathroom Cabinet, Wall & Ceiling Painting, Decorating, Makeover, Redesign, Water Damage Restoration, Drywall Damage Repair, Remodel & Renovation in Brooklyn

If you are interested in revamping your bathroom, need to repair some water damage to your Brooklyn residential home or looking to improve any residence or commercial building, Bay Ridge Painting has you covered with our various assortments of services.