Faux Finish

Bay Ridge Painting has been offering painting contractor services to commercial businesses and residential homes across Greater Brooklyn since 2004, and continues to bring premium experiences to our valued customers. Bay Ridge Painting Services and our specialists possess all the necessary credentials; licensing, certifications, to ensure our customers are getting authentic services from real professionals. Our friendly customer service skills, high moral standards and superior results are always consistent; to bring you with a positive experience every time you require our services.

Painting Faux Finishing Services

Bay Ridge Painting has a vast menu board, including Faux Finishing that is extended to our commercial and residential clients in both Brooklyn. Faux if the French translation of false, and when used in our industry, faux finishes is basically painted replications of wood grains or stone variations. With faux finishes we can give your commercial business or residential home depth and character at affordable rates. Whether you want to an interior wall or the exterior of garage painted with a faux finish, Bay Ridge Painting Services has you covered with our talented experts delivering our faux finish service.

Faux Finish Painting Process

  • 1. Painting Consultation: During the consultation we can tailor your finish to fit in any theme and décor of your commercial business or residential home.

  • 2. Painting Preparation: Bay Ridge Painting Services crew members clean the area to be enhanced with faux finishing, applying minimum repairs where needed. Once the walls are ready we carefully protect the floor, trimming and surrounding areas appropriately.

  • 3. Faux Finish Painting: After the area is ready for Bay Ridge Painting Services masters, we apply our talents in the trade and create you’re the faux finish you desire.

  • 4. Painting Inspection: Once the service is executed, we double check our results, and if needed any flaws are corrected.

  • 5. Painting Cleanup: Following the completion of the project, we clean up the protective gear and remove products, tools and equipment to reveal completion to your client.

  • 6. Final Inspection: Finally, we present the completed project to you for your approval.