Interior Painting

Since 2004, INTERIOR SPACES PAINTING has been servicing commercial businesses and residential homes of Brooklyn with our many quality services. Our professionals have endured advanced training, and have accumulated years of experience to provide our valued customers with superior services. We have all necessary credentials, and our reputable company is always thought of first when commercial business owners or residential homeowners desire afresh coat of interior paint.

Residential Interior Painting

INTERIOR SPACES PAINTING Painting utilizes top brand quality interior paints and productsalong with top grade equipment and supplies. Combine these important benefits to INTERIOR SPACES PAINTING Services’s talented experts, and there is no wonder why our satisfied customer retention is so high.Residential interior painting can really change the dynamics of a room, add flare to a lifeless and drab wall, or even institute a whole new style. New York Painting Services doesn’t just apply and coat of paint, but incorporate methodical steps to give you home a premium painting job. INTERIOR SPACES PAINTING Painting Services professionals begin the process after the consultation and arrangements are finalized. Steps could include the following, but are not limited to:

Residential Interior Painting

  • Cleaning: All areas receiving a INTERIOR SPACES PAINTING Painting Services Interior Painting Service, gets a thorough and meticulous cleaning. Pollutants, dirt and harmful occident are removed and paint increases its ability to adhere to the surface.

  • Protection: Our experienced painters will ensure the rest of the areas not being treated with paint is well cared for. Sliding all furnishings and possessions to the center, and covering them with durable, top quality products to ensure they are not blemished with speckles of paint.

  • Paint Preparation Once the area is protected, walls are removed of light switch plates, outlet covers and vents to allow for a detailed interior painting service to your home. Holes, gaps and cracks are repaired and stubborn stains are treated and primed.

  • Scrape and Prime:Cosmetic maintenance needs are dealt with, for example, lifting or peeling older paint is scrapes away. Sanding away the imperfections on walls is done as well. Once ready, INTERIOR SPACES PAINTING Painting Services professionals apply primer to your Brooklyn home.

  • Caulking: If necessary, caulking in the required areas is applied.

  • Painting Application: After the walls are ready, the 1st coat of paint is applied and after it has thoroughly dried, the second coat is added.

  • Painting Inspection & Walk Through: After the job is complete, INTERIOR SPACES PAINTING Painting Services inspects the interior painting service, and if flawed, the technicians possess the vast experience and knowledge to effectively remove the flaws, and make it ready for final client inspection.
    – Once satisfied, we clean up.

Commercial Interior Painting

INTERIOR SPACES PAINTING Painting Services‘s commercial interior painting service is executed in a like manner as our residential service. Knowing a business desires to appeal to customers, we ensure our job is completed quickly and efficiently to avoid interfering with your daily routines.